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About Us

Minnie Byers

At age 3 My inner Entrepreneur Emerged.

I spotted a picture in a magazine and saw a square fishbowl that  I wanted.  It was a square fishbowl while most others were round.  It had a planter and light that showed through the fishbowl.  I got very excited about it and told my Mom that I wanted it.  She told me that she could not buy it.  I asked, "how do I get it?"   She read the article to me and it said that I would have to sell toothbrushes door-to-door to get the fishbowl.  I told her, "yes, I want to do that."  She was very supportive and  ordered the kit for me.   I set off walking around the neighborhood.  I took a picture of the fishbowl with me and knocked on doors.  I showed them the picture of the fishbowl, held up a toothbrush and asked them how many they wanted.  Needless to say, I got the fishbowl and kept for for over 50 years.  That fishbowl launched a lifetime of no limits Entrepreneurship.  It shaped my life and future.

My Entrepreneurial Sales career evolved into:  Starting and running Busineses, Leading Sales Teams, Selling for Fortune 500 companies and an exciting stint in the Oil Industry.


Jim Byers

Jim was born an entrepreneur!

As an infant Jim began his training as an entrepreneur and talented salesman in the back seat of his father's car.

From day One, Jim understood what needed to be done to be successful!

Jim has hired, trained, developed and lead sales teams for various companies primarily in the special lubricants and automobile industries.

Jim is an innovator and can always find a way to help others get what they want.  He has lead many salespeople to millionaire status through his methods.

He is your go-to-guy for anything sales!





Who We Are

Minnie & Jim have been developing and training salespeople for a combined 100+ years.  No, we are not that old, just lots of experience.  We started young!